Thursday, March 28, 2013

Immigration Integrity Group: Advocating in Support of a Fair, Workable Solution For Immigration Reform

Don Crocetti, a very highly respected former colleague of mine at legacy INS, who subsequently worked for USCIS until he retired from Government service, recently learned of our InsideINS  blog. Don asked me to share some of the insights that he, and other former colleagues who make up the Immigration Integrity Group, have prepared in their support this country’s efforts to reform our immigration laws. This information can be found on Don’s website at

As you will see once you have read this information, there was quite an effort undertaken to advance reform in a balanced, objective, and apolitical manner. While I may not agree with all of the comments and recommendations, I find them very thoughtful and worthy of consideration, and I am hoping they trigger a healthy discussion on the InsideINS blog. You should also feel free to provide comments directly to Don via the survey tab on his Immigration Integrity Group (IIG) website.

Ben Ferro