Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Two Weeks and Still No Answer

An Open Letter To Secretary Napolitano (initially published 3/23/2013)

Dear Secretary Napolitano:

With regard to the Administration's proposal for Immigration Reform, we have recently received the following questions on just who would be ineligible for immigration amnesty under the restrictions concerning "serious crimes"

A Supervisor of Special Agents within the Department of Homeland Security had asked specifically:

Is Identity Theft a "serious crime?" (it would be hard to find many working illegal aliens not using a stolen social security card or other documents)

Is fraud in obtaining government benefits a "serious crime"? (food stamps, drivers licenses, unemployment benefits all require sworn signatures as to identity) 

Is Reentry after Deportation, a felony punishable by 5 years in Jail, a "serious crime? How about multiple illegal entries?

Is marriage fraud a "serious crime"? Previously thought of by Homeland Security as one of the most egregious immigration violations.

Is the false claim of child dependents on income tax forms a "serious crime"? (Said to be a very common claim made by illegal filers)

Is failure to declare income on income tax forms a "serious crime? (Most illegal aliens paid under the table do not claim such income)
US citizens go to Jail!

Most importantly, will my Special Agents be responsible for and permitted to pursue these and other lines of questions of applicants for amnesty? During the last amnesty in 1986, I'm told Special Agents were prohibited from doing so.

The nation awaits your response.

Thank you. 
Ben Ferro, Editor, INSideINS

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  1. Four weeks and no answer, I suspect. It seems that more and more the powers that be and our Congress don't want to listen to dissenting opinions.


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