Friday, May 10, 2013

INSideINS Draws A Red Line on Proposals Designed To Appease and Accommodate Political Groups Or Interests At The Expense Of Law Enforcement

To our readers:

As you know, we have repeatedly asked the White House, the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Gang of Eight to answer some basic law enforcement questions concerning implementation of an Immigration Reform package. None of the parties have chosen to answer our inquiries. Instead, we have had to read between the lines or just sit tight until they get their votes and expect us to accept their will.  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN HERE!

If you read our Blog on May 1, we reprinted an analysis of the Gang of Eight’s proposal written by the Center for Immigration Studies.  It is clear that Law enforcement is, at best, being winked at in the discussion.  No pursuit of fraud, no concern over egregious immigration violations in the past including Reentry After Deportation, no exclusion for identity theft or obtaining state and federal benefits with stolen documents, no parity with US citizens in the application of law as it relates to IRS violations, and merely a shallow promise to secure the border and put in place meaningful employer sanctions.  It seems clear to us that these proposals intend to relegate the U.S Border Patrol and Special Agents to babysitting functions.  In general, those involved in creating the face of the future immigration in this country have chosen the “path of least resistance”. Please reread the Center’s analysis.

Well, we’re not going to “let them pass it and then read it”, to quote a prominent lawmaker involved in the creation of previous social legislation.
“INSideINS” has drawn a “red line” on every proposal which has surfaced and any that may surface in the upcoming weeks that turn a blind eye to meaningful Law enforcement in implementation of Immigration reform proposals.  Every proposal out there has been so neutered to accommodate political sensitivities and political correctness that we must stand firmly against them.  We are therefore labeling the proposals from the White House, Homeland Security and  from the Gang of Eight, “Immigration/ Appeasement Proposals”.

Ben Ferro


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