Saturday, May 4, 2013

Let's Stop Sugar Coating Disregard for Immigration Laws

If Boston taught us anything, it may be that we must deal with every illegal alien, not as simply a part of a group of millions needing government absolution, but as individuals each capable of whatever drives him. True, the vast, vast majority of persons in this country without papers are law abiding, hard working and will no doubt make significant contributions as those before them.  But the notion that it is not possible or affordable to carry out the Immigration  Laws as necessary and appropriate on each and every illegal alien in the country is short-sighted and pure political folly. What will the cost of the "Boston" tragedy be? What will the additional cost of such actions of a few unattended to persons illegally in the our country. Billions and billions!  I know of no one opposed to Immigration Reform for those who deserve it, but put me down for case by case deliberate review of every person illegally in the country. The cost in dollars and public safety to do otherwise will bankrupt this great country.

Ben Ferro

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