Wednesday, January 30, 2013

If it has the support of the Times ………..

Some of you may have already read this article which appeared in the New York Times Monday –

The Times, as expected, is already throwing bouquets at the proposals from the President and the Senate group of eight to reform the immigration process with a "path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented Immigrants." We certainly agree that such reform is badly needed and long overdue.
In its' editorial on January 28 it applauds dealing directly and presently with the issue and endorses almost every popular argument, except one.

The Times says we can't wait for the border to be secure. Specifically, it states, "But demanding an airtight 20000-mile border before making citizenship possible for the undocumented basically means the path will never be open." As with the same thinking that fatally flawed the 1986 Amnesty program, the Times on only the second day of real debate, chooses to toss aside strengthening  the border as an essential complement to making our efforts work this time. Perhaps the Times is simply restating its' twenty-seven year ago position which failed horribly.

Ben Ferro

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